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Erotic Love Poems

Erotic Poems Part 1 | 2 | 3


Hot Breaths on tender lips
Kisses given and taken in little sips
Finger tips searing to the touch on virgin skin
Giving in to their erotic passions from within.

Moving with such ease and grace
One kiss on her neck, another on her face
With each nibble on her ear soft sighs begin
In the dark he plans his moves with a satisfied evil grin.

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He moves with the stealth of a panther in the night
Breathing becomes shallow as two souls take flight
His teasing lips kiss forbidden places methodically
Sending her to a special zone hypnotically.

Watching the rise and fall of lily white breasts
Kissing her hard, he holds her close riding the crest.
All through the night he tantalizes her senses
With his lips and tongue, he pulls down her defenses

Soft whimpering moans escape from quivering pink lips
As fingertips gently brush against small pale hips
Again and again, all through the night he takes her to the edge of abyss
Then spent, he lets her sleep with one last kiss.


Erotic Poems Part 1 | 2 | 3

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