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Cute Love Poems For Your Boyfriend
Saying I Love You

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It’s hard to say in words
what I’m feeling to this day.
I try to open my mouth
but suddenly become afraid.
I know there is no future,
no purpose for this note.
This rose will go to waste,
I live with only hope.
Whether it lives or it dies,
I will walk out okay.

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This rose grew from my heart,
at first a heavy burden.
I refused to believe,
I used to deny,
but now I can no longer hide this deep secret.

I have left the safety of my shell,
which did well to me.
Now I’m taking a chance.
Will I fall or will I fly?
It sounds improbable,
almost too obvious.
How can I fly when I have no wings?
But it’s a simple question,
with a simple answer.

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was I tricked by my heart?
will I drown in the truth?
or will I take sudden flight,
in the skies, the deep blue?
if I am the fish,
you the ocean.
if I am the star,
you are the heavens.
if I were to tell you, who would believe
that Old Cupid’s arrow
has made a slave out of me?

Cute Love Poems Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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